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Until you experience them, hearing difficulties may not seem like much of a concern. Thankfully, if you have experienced hearing loss first hand or with a loved one, help is nearby. You are at the right place for definitive answers to the serious problems you face related to hearing loss, why to get checked, how to prevent damage to your hearing, and more.

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Types of Hearing Loss

Even relatively mild hearing loss can seriously disrupt our interactions and connections with others. And left untreated, hearing loss can lead to poorer quality of life socially, physically, and mentally...

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Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is sneaky. Most people don’t know they’re experiencing it until it’s too late — and even then, they may assume that it’s a temporary problem...

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Preventing Hearing Loss

Repeated exposure to noise levels greater than 85 decibels (dB; about as loud as a blender) can damage your hearing. In fact, the noise does actual damage to the fine hair-like cells in your inner ear that make it possible for you to hear in the first place...

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Communication Tips

Anytime someone is fit with new hearing technology, there will be an adjustment period. If you’re communicating with someone who has an untreated hearing loss or is using hearing aids for the first time, the following communication tips can be useful...

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Types of Hearing Care Providers

The types of hearing care professionals you might encounter in seeking help with your hearing loss differ in both their education and their skills...

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Binaural Hearing

Most people have different levels of hearing loss in each ear. And patients in this situation frequently ask us, “Can’t I just treat my really bad ear for hearing loss? Won’t that be improvement enough?”

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