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Aging Process

Hearing loss is often due solely from the aging process, leading to problems understanding conversations in noisy background situations or when listening to someone at a distance.

Contact County Hearing and Balance immediately! We can help you through the hearing loss with our hearing aids.
Hearing Loss

Dementia and Hearing Loss

There is growing knowledge of a connection between uncorrected hearing loss and dementia. It appears that auditory centers in the brain change when not stimulated, leading to memory loss and eventual confusion. We "hear with our brain, not with our ears." We can help!
Talking People


Often times, your family and others around you will be well aware of your hearing loss before you are. The most common statement is that "I can hear just fine, people just need to speak more clearly."

Can I Just Try Hearing Aid On?

Yes, you can! Everything we do is on a trial basis, so you are never going to feel that you are trapped or obligated. Our doctors will ensure that you are comfortable with everything we do. You will be amazed how easy the process is.
Hearing Aid


Our Doctors have considerable experience in evaluating all types of hearing losses, on infants as well as adults. We will identify any underlying condition and explain the results to you in everyday language.

Various Styles of Hearing Aid Available

There are many types and brands of hearing aids. Choosing the best one for you will depend on your hearing loss, the problems that you have, vanity, and pricing. We work with several of the largest manufacturers.
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