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ReSound Nexia™ is top-rated for sound quality and hearing in noise.1 Join in conversations again and focus on what you want to listen to without missing out on the sounds around you. Hear all-around clearly and talk without your voice sounding loud or artificial to you.

So small, so comfortable

The small ellipse-shape style has soft, symmetrical lines and sits comfortably behind your ears. ReSound Nexia is so comfortable, you almost forget you are wearing hearing aids. The rechargeable style gives you all-day* power and lets you recharge them while you sleep so they are ready for your next day.

Enjoy the future of connectivity

The power to stay connected with friends and family or listen to entertainment is at your fingertips. Easily stream calls, audio and more straight to your hearing aids. Simply double-tap** your ear or hearing aids to answer calls from your compatible mobile phone. ReSound Nexia is ready for Bluetooth® Auracast™, the new standard and future of wireless connectivity.


ReSound Smart 3D app

Learn how to wear your hearing aids correctly and personalize your sound experience with the ReSound Smart 3D app. The new ‘Hear in Noise’ program helps you get the most out of any listening situation.

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Bring harmony to TV time

Hear your best, especially when life gets noisy at home. Use the new ReSound TV-Streamer+ to easily pair your ReSound Nexia hearing aids and stream TV directly to your ears at the volume you prefer.

ReSound TV-Streamer+ shown on a TV

Available in popular color options

ReSound Nexia is available in a variety of stylish tones. We can help guide you in choosing the right style and color to match your preferences.

ReSound Nexia hearing aid family lineup

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Made for Hearing in Noise
Try it. Hear it. Enjoy it.


Want to hear your best in noisy situations? Now you can – even when life is loud.


Strengthen your connections to people and the world around you, and hear the sounds that matter

Sounds Natural

Hear in noise and all around

Now you can hear all the details you couldn’t before, especially in noisy situations. Automatically tune in to what’s happening around you, from any direction. Best of all, join conversations and talk without your voice sounding loud or artificial to you.

Feels Natural

Forget you’re wearing hearing aids

Our best wearing comfort in a discreet, comfortable design. Enjoy your day without even thinking about your hearing. All-day battery power on one charge – even when streaming 100% of the time.* And, EVERY part of the hearing aid is protected with nanocoating for indoor and outdoor use.

Connects You Naturally

Stream audio, calls and more

Stay connected with greater streaming straight to your ears without interruptions. ReSound OMNIA™ is made for iPhone and iPad and works with Android™ ** devices. Stream hands-free calls for iPhone and iPad.***

ReSound Key

Welcome to great hearing

Introducing ReSound Key™, hearing aids designed to work comfortably and reliably with your own ears for truly great hearing. ReSound Key gives you the confidence and guidance you need to hear and enjoy every day.
Meet the key to true sound clarity

Fully join in conversations with the clear sound quality of ReSound Key. Built on our Organic Hearing philosophy, our technology works to emulate the natural hearing experience as closely as possible.

Our tested and proven technology inside every pair of ReSound Key supports better listening in noise by enabling both your ears to work together. You can focus on important sounds while still monitoring what is happening around you. With ReSound Key, your hearing will feel more natural with less listening effort, making you feel more comfortable wherever life takes you.

Guidance all the way

ReSound Key is specifically developed with your daily needs in mind. The intuitive, easy-to-use ReSound Smart 3D™ app provides convenient adjustments on the go. So you can adjust volume, change sound programs and even find misplaced hearing aids all within the app.

When additional help is needed, ReSound Key also provides you with access to ReSound Assist remote hearing care. With ReSound Assist, you can get updates to your hearing aids sent straight to your smart device as a simple download or we can complete live, video consultations for support, counselling, hearing assessments, and adjustments all from the comfort and safety of your home.

Hear with confidence

Rechargeability has never been easier. Simply place your rechargeable ReSound Key hearing aids in one of our stylish chargers and get more than a full day of power without the worry of changing batteries.

The ReSound Key rechargeable solution delivers:

  • Up to 30 hours of power on a single charge.
  • A stylish Desktop charger, great for your nightstand or to charge around your home.
  • The ability to upgrade to a Premium portable charger, ideal for traveling and storage.

Discover ReSound Nexia now.

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Stay Connected

Hear your best in more situations with ReSound wireless accessories.

Get the most out of your listening experience – clearly hear the TV and phone calls, even in noise. Great connectivity options are at your fingertips with easy-to-use wireless hearing aid accessories.

ReSound TV-Streamer+

The new TV-Streamer+*, supporting Bluetooth® Auracast™, streams high-quality sound with speech clarity directly to your hearing aids at the volume you prefer. If there are multiple users with compatible hearing aids and smartphones in the room, enjoy sound together by each easily connecting to the TV-Streamer+.

ReSound TV-Streamer 2

Stream sound from your TV, computer or music system directly to your ReSound hearing aids.

ReSound Phone Clip+

The ReSound Phone Clip+ streams crystal-clear phone calls and audio straight to your hearing aids. So you – and the person you’re talking to – can enjoy comfortable conversations, even in noisy places. The Phone Clip+ also works as a hearing aid remote control.

Remote Controls

The ReSound Remote Control and Remote Control 2 easily adjust volume and program settings of your hearing aids. Or, use the ReSound Smart 3D™ app on your compatible mobile device to adjust volume or change programs to focus on what you want to hear.


Clip the ReSound Micro Mic or Multi Mic to a person speaking and have their voice streamed directly to your ReSound wireless hearing aids. Whether in a noisy place or far away, you can hear them clearly and feel confident that you won’t miss the conversation.

* TV-Streamer+ is compatible with ReSound Nexia.
The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. The Auracast word mark and logos are trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

1 End-user NPS rating, GN proprietary data (on file).

* All-day battery provides a maximum of 30 hours of use with typical use time of 24 hours on one charge or 20 hours when streaming 50% of the time. Battery life can vary by use.

** TapControl is available in ReSound Nexia Micro RIE models only. For a complete list of compatible devices, visit

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Discover ReSound Nexia now.

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