Find Hearing Aids That Suits Your Hearing Loss Needs

First-Time Purchase

The doctors at County Hearing and Balance take great pride in making the selection process easy. They will go over all options and provide their professional opinion to help you choose the type of hearing aid that is best for you. You will be able to try it out before you purchase.
Hearing Aid

Follow-Up Care

We see first-time hearing aid wearers weekly to ensure their comfort and satisfaction. We see all of our experienced patients every 6 months for routine performance checks and to make sure they are hearing the best. Improve your hearing today!
Hearing Aids

Types of Hearing Aids

There are many styles of hearing aids. The best style for you is determined by the degree of hearing loss, options desired, cost, and cosmetic concerns. We work with most major brands.


All hearing aids require batteries to make them function correctly, which have to be replaced quite often. We supply batteries for free during your warranty period.  

Bluetooth Technology

Our latest models can link directly to your mobile devices to provide a truly enhanced listening experience. Download a free app for maximum control.

Financing Available

We realize that purchasing hearing aids are a major financial commitment. We offer interest-free payment plans for your convenience.
Call us at 800-881-3277 for a FREE consultation.
After a short time using hearing aids, most people regret not getting them earlier. So don't wait any longer. Get a hearing aid now!
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