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An Audiologist is a licensed hearing healthcare professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders in children and adults. You can think of an audiologist as a "hearing doctor."

Our audiologists at County Hearing and Balance have earned a Doctor of Audiology degree, which is a four-year program in addition to a four years Bachelor degree. In addition, Audiologists have extensive and advanced knowledge in selecting hearing aids and helping individuals to use hearing aids successfully. Services conducted by Audiologist are typically covered by insurance companies.


County Hearing and Balance is a participating provider with most insurance companies. As such, we can process all claims for any diagnostic testing that may be done. Some insurance plans do have a hearing aid benefit or enable for a discount to be provided. We will be able to determine exactly what benefits you may have and will process the insurance for you.
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Hearing Instrument Specialists

Hearing Instrument Specialists are licensed hearing healthcare professionals who specialize in recommending, fitting, and maintaining appropriate hearing aid technology. They can conduct basic hearing tests for the purpose of determining the need for a hearing aid or for determining the proper hearing aid for the individual. Services conducted by a Hearing Instrument Specialist are not covered by insurance plans.
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